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       Please pardon the bad taste...but I love this stuff!  Keep coming back! 


                          Wanna See Something Really Scary?

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horror-blair.jpg (109235 bytes)  Here's me and "Exorcist" star, Linda Blair.

horror-hess.jpg (51256 bytes)  Me, my friend Jodi and star of "Last House On The Left", David Hess.

horror-mecreature.jpg (95834 bytes)  Ben Chapman, star of the original "Creature From The Black Lagoon."

horror-mekarenblack.jpg (70568 bytes)      Me and Karen Black. (One very strange Lady.)

horror-mesavini.jpg (90706 bytes)       Here's me and Tom Savini, Horror make-up man extrodinaire!


           Do you love a good flesh-eating Zombie movie?

           A great serial- murdering psycho movie?

             Collecting Horror memorabilia or autographs?

            Interested in some great links?

            Karen's movie of the month


If you answered "yes" to this one, you're just the kind of bona-fide sicko I like talking to.  I happen to prefer a nice Lucio Fulci movie, myself.  There's a link below to the official Fulci site. 


Yeah, they're fun, aren't they?  Gotta love a good psycho on a rampage movie...fun, fun, fun.    Dario Argento is one of my favorites for delivering these.  I'd have to go with Susperia as my favorite Argento film.  Aas far as the good old Slasher movies go, though, I'm voting for Halloween.  Carpenter really delivers on this one, don't you think?  

   I've got a ton of great Horror collectibles and autographs.  Most of them I've gotten through on-line auctions and conventions.  The Chiller Convention is the best!



                              Here's some of the best links...


                                    Caverns Of Blood

                                   Chiller Theatre


                                                     The Official Tom Savini website


                                                     Horror Online!

                                                    The Cabinet of Dr. Casey

                                                     Mr. Chiller              

      Here it is, my movie pick of the month...




If you have anything to say or ideas to exchange, there's a Comments section and a link to my e-mail .  Please let me know what you think!

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