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           Michael and Karen 



                  (Click Picture To Enlarge)


                     A plethora of picture pleasure!  Enjoy the show! 


          meandmike.jpg (59936 bytes)          costume.jpg (70633 bytes)       engage.jpg (49274 bytes)    us-cape.jpg (43893 bytes)

            us-halloween.jpg (45804 bytes)        us-meblack.jpg (98251 bytes)        us-memikebirthday.jpg (55881 bytes)     us-mikekey.jpg (45983 bytes)                                                                  



                  And who's the handsomest guy in the world?

                                                        us9.jpg (62718 bytes)


                  Here's some various shots from the best Wedding in the world, September 27th, 1996.

    dipper.jpg (59104 bytes)    smile.jpg (58865 bytes)            us-weddingprep.jpg (137172 bytes)  

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