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           Here's The Family...


                        (Click each picture to see it's full-size loveliness!)


family-hawaii.jpg (102024 bytes)                                                                family-will&mike.jpg (72973 bytes)

Hawaii 1972. (L to R) Karen's Aunt Janice,                 Mike and Will at Bloody Pond.
Grandmother Ethel, Grandfather Thomas,
Dad (Fred), Mom (Judy) and Karen.

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Mom, Karen and Janice at Karen and Mike's             Karen's Grandparent's Wedding.

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The  furry children...Rudy, Carolina and Lucy.  You can read about Rudy on his own page within this site by clicking  here.  Lucy is the white and gray cat.  I found her in 1991 on Broadway in Passaic Park, New Jersey outside a club called "The Loop Lounge."  I was dropping some people off at their cars there (we had just returned from the first LOLLAPALOOZA Show) when I found her in the road, just clipped by a car.  She was only a few months old.  I got her fixed up and cleaned and fed, then tried to find a home for her, because I'm allergic to cats and have never owned one up to that point.  No Shelter would accept her without saying they might have to put her to sleep and no one was interested in taking her.  So I adjusted, the sneezing stopped after about 2 months, and she's been with me ever since.  She's a very "prissy" feline, who cleans herself religiously, sleeps in a perfect ball and thinks the dog is ridiculous.  Carolina, the black cat (we call her The Fat Dog) was found under a prickle bush in North Carolina in front of a Howard Johnson's.  The waitress, who was feeding her, said she was thrown out of a van.  This was in 1995.  I was on a trip with my then fiancÚ' Michael, his Mom Betty and his Dad Bob.  We scooped up Carolina, tried to hide her in our Hotel room, almost got kicked out for it, brought her over to Betty's friend's house who lived in Myrtle Beach  for 3 days till the end of our trip, piled her in the car again and brought her home.  She's a joy to have around and we love her dearly.  Carolina loves Rudy....does whatever he does, eats whatever he eats and tries to be near him all the time.  She's pleasantly "big-boned", loves getting dirty and enjoys trying to get Lucy to play...Lucy then kicks her butt, but Carolina loves it.  Both my cats were "happenstance" and I wouldn't give them up for anything in the world.  We love them both very much! 



                                                           rudy.jpg (85982 bytes)

                       (Click on Rudy and watch him turn into a Doberman!)


  Rudy turned 10 this past February 16th.  I've had him since he was 3 months old and he's brought nothing but joy and happiness into my life from the moment I saw him.  He likes stuffed toys with squeakers inside....He hates the plastic toys.  He enjoys Milk-Bone treats in the small dog variety pack, Mighty Dog canned food and Nutro dry food for older dogs over 5.  He's spoiled ROTTEN!  I love him to death!

  He's a pure-bred Miniature Poodle, originally from Kansas City, Missouri.  He's registered with the AKC.

  Rudy is short for Rutger...(as in Rutger Hauer, the actor....my other favorite blonde.)


Hi there to the whole family...(you know who the guilty are!)  We know you've got something to say, so leave it here!  (Or keep it private and leave it here!)

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