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friends-dave.jpg (77334 bytes)                                                    friends-merogers.jpg (82886 bytes)

Dave Herman, Karen and Mike.                        Kenny Rogers and Karen.

friends-diane.jpg (59238 bytes)                                                    friends-walnuts.jpg (49241 bytes)

Diane!                                                                  Karen and Paulie Walnuts from "The Sopranos."

friends-ferrignomike.jpg (49516 bytes)                                                    friends-megorney.jpg (102109 bytes)

Diane, Loe Ferrigno and Mike.                         Karen and Karen Lynn Gorney, "Stephanie"
                                                                              from "Saturday Night Fever."  .   

friends-timmy.jpg (158471 bytes)                                                    friends-toby.jpg (144195 bytes)

Uncle Timmy at Bob Guccione's                       Toby Keith in Nashville. 
 Xmas party! 

friends-jimjay.jpg (122354 bytes)                                                     friends-jodimaya.jpg (94960 bytes)

Jay Trelease, Karen and Jim Kerr                     Jodi and Maya.
broadcasting from Universal Studios, Fla.!


friends-joyconey.jpg (181254 bytes)                                                    friends-travis.jpg (160326 bytes)

Karen and Joy at Coney Island.                        Travis Tritt and his bus!

friends-krb.jpg (67722 bytes)                                                    friends-horror.jpg (49410 bytes)

Karen w/ black hair and Peter on the                The only way to go!
air in College at WKRB in Brooklyn!

friends-megan.jpg (86674 bytes)                                                     friends-sharpton.jpg (75984 bytes)

Karen in Megan w. 2 great dye jobs!                Karen and Al Sharpton.


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