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       Olivia Grace Matzo


Michael and I found out we were having this beautiful little girl in October of 2000.  With a due date of June 10th, she came on the 13th instead by Cesarean Section, after 42 hours of labor!  We love her so much.  Here's some pictures of Olivia's life so far......


                 (Click the picture and she grows!)


oliviadadhosp.jpg (68209 bytes)

oliviahosp.jpg (143477 bytes)

oliviahosp2.jpg (65598 bytes)

oliviahosp3.jpg (69387 bytes)

Oliviamommyhosp.jpg (153631 bytes)

oliviamommyhosp2.jpg (153476 bytes)

oliviasleep2.jpg (141895 bytes)

oliviasleep.jpg (144853 bytes)

oliviajudy.jpg (99034 bytes)

daddyolivia.jpg (115970 bytes)

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