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                 Pet Greetings


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                       (Click on Rudy and watch him turn into a Doberman!)


  Rudy turned 10 this past February 16th.  I've had him since he was 3 months old and he's brought nothing but joy and happiness into my life from the moment I saw him.  He likes stuffed toys with squeakers inside....He hates the plastic toys.  He enjoys Milk-Bone treats in the small dog variety pack, Mighty Dog canned food and Nutro dry food for older dogs over 5.  He's spoiled ROTTEN!  I love him to death!

  He's a pure-bred Miniature Poodle, originally from Kansas City, Missouri.  He's registered with the AKC.

  Rudy is short for Rutger...(as in Rutger Hauer, the actor....my other favorite blonde.)  

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